blues rock band Kalu and the Electric Joint

There is a connection between the roots and the future. An air. Filled with music. A beautiful collision between time. Love and life.


The core of Kalu is here.


In that, a fervent adventure into the willingness of soul and mind. Deep blue laden transmission of music steeped in passion and relevance.

With Gut-bucket grandeur & powerful emotive delivery, Kalu James’ dynamic tenor soars over the elusive electric joint.


  • With music that speaks to the soul, Kalu James has nicely blended thesounds of acoustic, folk, and soul into a nice melodious tune.

    - Isaac Davis Jr, Juniors Cave Online Magazine

  • ...James' rich tenor carries the set. A bright personality and swathsof soul, rock, folk, and reggae will make him a favorite on the localcircuit,...

    - Thomas Fawcett, Austin Chronicle

  • War Outside" is a beautiful Ballad.

    - Alex Hannaford, Austin Monthly

  • With the voice of an angel, this Nigerian born song bird is taking Austin by storm.

    - Lori Stevensen, Austin Daze

  • Onstage the 28-year-old singer-songwriter comes into his own, evincing AAA-radio-ready sincerity.


  • Kalu’s bold, expressive vocals soar easily over the sometimes thick, sometimes subtle music that he and his exceptional backing band create. This is personal music that reaches for the soul.

    - KUTX.ORG